Missão Ortodoxa da Proteção da Mãe de Deus
Igreja Ortodoxa Russa - Patriarcado de Moscou
Diocese da Argentina, Brasil e América do Sul
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About us

The Mission of the Protection of the Mother of God was founded to offer the treasure of the orthodox faith  to everyone.We are  part of the Russian Orthodox Church/Moscow Patriarchate. Our goal is the  spiritual feeding  of the brazilain people through the translation of all the liturgical services to portuguese, and  a catechism dedicated to the peculiarities of those who discover Orthodoxy with other references. It is developed by brazilian clergy..

The Mission was born of the experience in the faith of the Russian Orthodox Church, who taught us to love God and pray together as a single family. Thus, speaking the language understood by all those who seek the Truth in this land, the Church can bring to everyone the Word of Truth.

Our Adress:


Missão Ortodoxa da Proteção da Mãe de Deus
Rua Monte Alegre 210, Santa Tereza Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro 20240–190 

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