Missão Ortodoxa da Proteção da Mãe de Deus
Igreja Ortodoxa Russa - Patriarcado de Moscou
Diocese da Argentina, Brasil e América do Sul
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The Orthodox mission, Missão da Proteção da Mãe de Deus was founded with the goal of making the treasure of our faith accessible to all. The Mission is a pastoral way to leave entirely clear to all that the Orthodox Church is the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This new community is in its status characterized as mission, being an organic part of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, totally focused on the task of becoming truly accessible to Brazilians through the full translation of all the Divene Services to our native language. The catechesis is dedicated to the peculiarities of those who know Orthodoxy with other references, developed by native clergy, endowed with the language`s domain and knowledgeable of the mentality of local people.

Our mission is born of experience in the faith of the Russian Orthodox Church, who taught us to love God and pray together with the whole family in the faith. Thus, speaking the language understood by all those who by God's will come together in this land (having been born in other lands or not), the Church can bring to everyone at the same time, the Word of Truth and offer the Same Christ all.

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Missão Ortodoxa da Proteção da Mãe de Deus
Rua Pereira Nunes, 146A, Vila Isabel 
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro 20540-132


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